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Minnesota Short Sale Process

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in short sale

What is a short sale and what is the process that anyone in Minnesota can expect?  My article tries to explain this for you and how short sale compares vs. foreclosure.  A short sale is when you negotiate with the bank to sell short of what’s owed on the property whereas if you give the deed back to the bank you have chosen deed in lieu of foreclosure. Through my other short sale articles I hope you’ll uncover the definition,...

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What is a Short Sale

Posted by on Feb 21, 2011 in short sale

If you want to know the answer to what is a short sale, this article is for you.  There is a lot of information to know about short sales and we will try to answer as many of your questions as we can in this article.  If you have more questions you are free to talk to our real estate agent on these types of transactions and to see how they can help you.  Short sales are when a...

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How to do a Short Sale

Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in short sale

I have worked with many local short sale experts and I am here to tell you how to do a short sale and find the right expert to help negotiate and work with your bank to help make for a win-win and successful sale.  Short sales do require a lot of work, paperwork, and negotiating, but the great news is the seller doesn’t have to do it because we have experts that are use to negotiating 10 to 100 at...

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