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Annual Residential Rental Lease Agreements

Posted by on Mar 8, 2011 in lease agreement

I have written an article on annual a residential rental lease agreement contract forms and on month to month leases.  These are written with the landlord in mind whether it’s an apartment lease agreement, or houses for lease by owner.  You may search MHA, or online for a free residential lease agreement, for a free template.  If you purchase a property management or lease management software maybe they’ll supply the paperwork for your local state.  Also local...

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Lease Agreement Contract Forms

Posted by on Feb 12, 2011 in lease agreement

As a landlord you’ll need lease agreement contract forms to be filled out properly and to be signed by both parties.  How to fill these out and what every aspect means can better be explained in my articles.  I spent some years being a landlord, so I can give you some input based on my experience and probably how both sides view the agreement.  As a landlord I did annual leases over month to month leases.  It takes time to...

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