Experian Credit Bureau

Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in credit bureau, experian

In recent weeks I posted about Experian and also Equifax and TransUnion which are all major credit bureaus.  The articles are to let you know that you can go to one of these 3 major credit bureaus and pull your own  credit report, check your own credit score, and use their services to work for you. They have credit alert, they  have identity theft features, and many tips on what makes up your credit score as well as possible...

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Experian Contact Number: My Experian Experience

Posted by on Apr 19, 2008 in experian

Experian Contact Number: My Experian Experience I just signed up for my Experian credit score and account. For the main area to search about your credit accounts, I actually like this site the best out of the 3. This also gives you a chance to order the other two, transunion and equifax. Also it looks like it’s connected maybe to freecreditreport.com Experian ended up being my middle score, it was pretty close to my Equifax and quite a bit higher...

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