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Contract for Deed Explained

Posted by on Mar 11, 2011 in contract for deed

You can have a contract for deed explained to you from one of our knowledgeable real estate agents. The agent is here to discuss the many pros for both buyers and sellers and what’s most important to them and how it relates to them within the transaction.  Our agent can explain why these transactions are so beneficial to a seller, advantageous to a buyer, and work for such a large part of the real estate market that exists today. ...

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Minnesota Real Estate for Sale

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in minnesota homes

I wrote an article on Minnesota real estate for sale about the local mn real estate market and the mn homes for sale.  If you are looking to search for mn real estate listings and you would like one of our agents to show you photos, details, and set up appointments for the minnesota real estate listings that you searched on our website, you are free to email, call, or text us.  You’ll find contract for deed homes on our...

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Minnesota Short Sale Process

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in short sale

What is a short sale and what is the process that anyone in Minnesota can expect?  My article tries to explain this for you and how short sale compares vs. foreclosure.  A short sale is when you negotiate with the bank to sell short of what’s owed on the property whereas if you give the deed back to the bank you have chosen deed in lieu of foreclosure. Through my other short sale articles I hope you’ll uncover the definition,...

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