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Is This the End of Owner Financing in Real Estate for Investors?

Posted by on Jun 9, 2009 in owner financing

Real Estate Investors need to read this and do their part, please read the following info and see what’s coming up as new law if something isn’t done about it. Dear Fellow Speaker; I don’t know if you’ve heard about HR 1728, but it’s a heinous infringement on private property rights that is likely to shut down the creative selling market. IT HAS ALREADY PASSED THE HOUSE AND IS UNDER CONSIDERATION BY THE SENATE NOW. I have attached an article...

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Want a check for $8000 even if your credit is bad?

Posted by on Jun 3, 2009 in credit

Want a check for $8000 in the mail in the next few weeks? Buyers are doing it, even with bad credit, how you ask?  It’s for a limited time, you will need to hurry.  If you want to buy a house on a contract for deed, you can have bad or average credit, no need for a bank today, this program applies to those that qualify for loans also, here is how it works:...

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Down Payment Assistance Up to $15,000

Posted by on Jun 2, 2009 in loans

NEW Federal Funds Program 6/2/2009 Funds Available: $765,000.00 Estimate Federal Down Payment Assistance: $14,999.00 Estimate Offer Price: $100,000.00 (Line 31) Estimate Base Loan Amount: (add plus MIP after this number) $85,001.00 These funds are to be used for a First Time Home Buyer with Low to Moderate Income if buying a home in the 11 county metro area. The property must meet or exceed the minimum property standards set by FHA and the home will be subject to a separate...

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